Learning to Get Organized

How can you succeed
without being organized?

Getting and staying organized is HUGE for ADDYTeens.

You get places on time, with the things you need (lunch, phone, papers, etc).

You know what is coming up and can schedule time to prepare. When you are organized, you appear more responsible to other people.

Getting Organized


Ok, real talk. In my opinion, just hearing the word “organization” freaks me out a little. Some people are naturally organized. I am not. Seriously, my room growing up was so messy, it was like a tornado hit it. To be organized basically means I had to be on top of my game.


Being organized is about saving time. ADDYTeens need more time - to do homework, to study, to take tests, to do chores.  If you save time, you get more done, you have more fun, you feel more control. 

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