Strategies for specific situations
ADDYTeens face all the time.

Managing Our Time

To become effective at any activity, learning how to manage your time is absolutely essential. Grace makes it easy to learn this basic skill.

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Speaking Up for Ourselves

Becoming our own best advocate means learning when and how to speak up for yourself, be heard and get what you need to succeed with your ADHD.

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Managing Our Emotions

ADDYTeens often have “emotions on steroids” so learning how to manage our feelings is very important. Grace makes learning this basic skill easy!

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Getting Organized

ADDYTeens need help reducing distraction, one way to do this is getting organized. Learning how to get organized is easy, it just takes practice.

Managing Our Stuff

Learning how to manage your stuff makes it easier to do better in school, at home and with friends. Grace makes it easy to learn this basic skill.

Managing Your Electronics

Doing great work requires staying on task. This means learning when you need to stop using your phone, social media, video games and other electronic distractions.

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