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“I know what it’s like to have ADHD: I have struggled, cried, screamed and yelled in frustration. I also know how it feels to win with ADHD, to overcome my fears, to ignore doubters and haters, and reject the stigma applied to ADHD.


I have been on a mission ever since to help young people with ADHD (“ADDYTeens”) thrive with self-confidence and to reject stigma! I self-published my first book Embracing Your ADHD when I was just 15 years old. During high-school and college, I mentored and coached kids with ADHD, worked with educators, therapists and doctors who treat ADHD, and kept writing about ADHD on my HuffPro blog.


Learning how to win with ADHD requires a lot of practice. It requires taking instruction, learning new ideas, hard work, patience, grit and perseverance. 


I have been there, and I can help.”  Grace Friedman

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Winning with ADHD
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“Let’s face it, schools don’t teach ADDYTeens how to manage our ADHD. So often, our teachers, friends, even family don’t really understand what having ADHD is all about.  


Since 2012, I have been coaching and mentoring ADDYTeens to help them manage their ADHD. Using sports analogies, I developed a set of “PLAYS” which are practical steps for working through challenges, managing time, getting organized, communicating effectively, managing our emotions, and more.  


In 2016, I teamed up with Dr. Sarah Cheyette to write a book based on these PLAYS. Dr. Sarah is a noted San Francisco Bay Area Neurologist, author, and expert on ADHD. Together, we completed “Winning with ADHD” in 2018, when I was 21.  That same year, I also graduated college – in 4 years, on a scholarship and with honors.  


Following my PLAYS has made me a better student, a better friend and a tougher, stronger, more resourceful person.  Having ADHD is tough, I face challenges from my ADHD every day.  Winning with ADHD is not easy, but you can do it.”  Grace Friedman

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ADDYTeens need help understanding how their minds and bodies work to succeed. You can’t manage something you don't understand.

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ADDYTeens benefit from coaching so we can perform at our best. Learning our “PLAYS” makes it easier to tackle ADHD related challenges.

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ADDYTeens are faced with choices many other kids without ADHD never have to make. We can help you make good choices to accomplish your goals.

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