About ADDYTeen

My name is Grace Friedman, and I have ADHD just like you.  I am also an vocal advocate for young people with ADHD, and write teen-friendly articles, blogs and books about what it takes to win with ADHD.  I am living proof that even with all the challenges ADHD presents – and there are many – we ADDYTeens can achieve our goals if we willing to apply grit and perseverance to our efforts.


As a kid, I felt that the worst part of having ADHD was feeling alone, isolated and “different” from my friends. It took a while but I realized that there are millions of kids – just like you – just like me – that have ADHD. Most everyone hides it. Most everyone is ashamed to talk about it. I learned that many of my friends have ADHD, some of my teachers had ADHD, and that ADHD runs in my family.


After realizing that I was not alone with my diagnosis, I created the moniker “ADDYTeen” to represent every kid that has ADHD in a caring, inclusive ADHD community. Adults label us and adults speak about us, so I felt it was time we took control over this conversation.


I set up www.addyteen.com to create a sense of place where ADDYTeens learn how to help themselves and understand how to answer important life questions.


Join the conversation! Learn how to take control over your life with ADHD. It’s your life, even if you are just 12 or 13, it’s time to take control and make things happen!

My Mentors

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Sarah is a pediatric neurologist, and is an expert in working with kids with ADHD. Sarah and I co-authored our upcoming book Winning with ADHD and she has been a wonderful mentor and friend to me. 


Sarah has treated thousands of ADDYTeens and has helped their families understand how the minds and bodies of ADDYTeens work. She also writes about ADHD, her book “ADHD and the Focused Mind” is a great read.  Sarah shares my goals to help young people with ADHD learn to become independent, strong and successful. Thank you Sarah!

Learn about Dr. Sarah Chayette by clicking here.

Steve is one of the foremost experts on ADHD in the world.  A professor of Psychology @UCBerkeley and Vice Chair of Psychiatry @UCSF, he is an internationally recognized psychologist, whose contributions lie in the areas of developmental psychopathology and combating the stigma that still surrounds mental illness. He is the author of more than 325 scientific articles and chapters as well as 14 authored and edited books.  He also graciously wrote the forward to my upcoming book, Winning with ADHD.  I met Steve when I was just 14, and starting my efforts to structure my first book, Embracing Your ADHD.  I asked him for advice and help and he been a mentor to me ever since. Thanks Steve!! 

Learn about Dr. Stephen P. Hinshaw by clicking here.

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Dan is an MD/PhD who runs the Brain Imaging and EEG Laboratory @UCSF, directs the Early Psychosis Program @UCSF, and treats US veterans suffering from mental illnesses @VA in San Francisco.  “Uncle Danny” is also my Dad’s college roommate and has been a constant and supportive presence in my life. He provides me with encouragement, advice, structure and feedback and continues to plan my career path. Thank you,Uncle Danny! 

Learn about Dr. Daniel Mathalon by clicking here.

Keith, a clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the director of the Institute for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, where I had my first internship. He is an expert on treating young people and adults with ADHD. I met Keith in high school after I wrote my first book Embracing Your ADHD and we appeared together on TV.  I was just 16 at the time and Keith provided me a great deal of support, encouragement and ideas that have benefited me greatly.  Thank you Keith! 

Learn about Dr. Keith Sutton by clicking here.

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Isiaah is the President of the University of Puget Sound, my alma mater from which I graduated in 2018 (with honors!) with a BA in Psychology.  Isiaah has both masters and PhD in clinical psychology, focused his research on personality theories, and is a recipient of national awards, including three from the American Psychological Association.  He has been published in numerous scholarly journals over the past 30 years and has actively supported my writing and work with ADDYTeens. During my undergraduate studies, I had the honor to work with Dr. Crawford on special projects, and he has inspired me to stretch my academic wings in graduate school.  Thank you, Isiaah!

Learn about Dr. Isiaah Crawford by clicking here.

Sheri is a renown expert in treating kids and teens with ADHD which she has been doing for more than 30 years. She is also my Aunt, and most important mentor!


Sheri was the first to diagnose my ADHD, and has been hands-on working with me ever since. Sheri has helped me frame my thinking and approach to managing ADHD with and without medication, and most importantly always ensured that I knew I could achieve great outcomes if I was willing to apply grit and perseverance to my efforts. The concepts shared in my upcoming book Winning with ADHD echo her guidance and teaching. Love you, “Auntie” Sheri! 

Learn about Sheri Friedman, MA by clicking here.

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