Learn. Practice. Repeat.


ADDYTeen coaching is based on PLAYS which are step-by-step instructions to learn a skill that relates to your ADHD. We have Foundation PLAYS and Set PLAYS.

New Skills

Foundation PLAYS help you learn basic skills that you can use in many situations at school, home, etc. Every ADDYTeen needs to learn these, no exceptions.

New Strategies

Set PLAYS apply to specific situations that will happen and you need to prepare for in advance, practicing it over and over again so you are prepared to do your very best.

Perform at your personal best! 

Coaching helps you learn rather than teaching you.

You need to learn to help yourself! 

Foundation PLAYS and Set PLAYS

Foundation PLAYS: New Skills

  • Managing Your Time
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Managing Your Stuff
  • Managing Your Electronics
  • Getting Organized
  • Speaking Up for Yourself
  • Talking About Your Feelings
  • Avoiding Procrastination 

Let’s Hear From Grace:

“Listen up, ADDYTeens! 


If you want to win with ADHD, if you want to achieve your goals, if you want to be a good friend, a good kid, a good student, a good worker – you need to learn how to manage your life.  Real talk!


Managing Your ADHD may seem like a big challenge, so lets break this big challenge into smaller ones.  We are going to breakdown the challenge of learning how to manage into these Foundation Plays. 


You Got This! “

Get Started using the Foundation PLAYS!

Let’s Hear From Grace:

“Listen up, ADDYTeens! 


On sports teams, we practice “drills” to prepare ourselves for game-time situations we know will happen.  In soccer, I practiced Corner Kicks, Free Kicks, and all kinds of plays designed to help my team score goals and defend our goal.  


At school, at home, with friends, and at work, we find ourselves same situations all the time.  Learning how to handle these situations requires a strategy, just like in sports. 


That is what my Set Plays are all about – being prepared so you can perform at your best. Real Talk! 

Set PLAYS: New Strategies

  • Managing responsibilities at home
  • Managing papers and assignments
  • Preparing for a test
  • Studying with partners
  • Sharing and advocating with parents
  • Think before you talk
  • Working out issues with a friend
  • …..and many more! 

Get Started using the Set PLAYS!