Advocating to your Parents

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Advocating to your Parents

Think About It!

Advocating for myself is a skill I learned after I got diagnosed with ADHD. There were many things I needed help with that I learned to speak up and ask for.

Advocating to your parents and family is very important.  It can be politely asking someone to turn their music down while you’re studying, or for a private area to do your homework.

TIP: Speaking up for yourself to your teacher, coach, parents or friends is the only way you get what you need in life – no one can read minds, you need to advocate (speak up) for yourself. Bonus: this helps others understand your strengths and weaknesses too!


Working out an Issue with your Parent(s)


Listen up! Parents often think their role is to protect and help us, so they may think they are being helpful by reminding us about assignments, getting your sports equipment together, or collaborating with your teachers.


However, as an ADDYTeen, your job is to get more and more independent, so that you are ready to manage yourself by the time you leave for college. Use this Set PLAY to talk through challenging issues with your Parents.


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