Preparing for a Big Paper

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Preparing for a Big Paper

Think About It!

ADDYTeens will have a harder time prioritizing and estimating time than kids without ADHD. However, both of these skills are essential to success

Prioritization means figuring out what tasks must be done first, then doing it.

Estimation means smartly guessing how much time it takes to get a task done.

ADDYTeens, to manage your time it’s best to work backwards. You have a paper due next Friday at 1pm. That means you have to be editing your paper Thursday, composing it Tuesday and Wednesday, and researching topics and facts before you write.

TIP: Use a daily planner.  Relying on your memory to stay organized is like trying to tighten screws with your hand. It’s the hard way to do it. It hurts, it’s frustrating and very ineffective.

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