What Parents Need to Know – We all run our OWN race

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What Parents Need to Know – We all run our OWN race

Each ADDYTeen is running their own race in life. Its very dangerous for your ADDYTeen to compare themselves to kids without ADHD, and it’s imperative you as parents do not do this either.


Having ADHD is like running a foot race when you are the only runner wearing a giant backpack filled with rocks. Clearly, winning is unlikely if you define winning only as coming in “first”. On the other hand, if you define winning as competing in a challenge and completing that challenge, then two things become clear.


First, it doesn’t matter which student in their class comes in “first” or has the best grades or academic achievements. Second, it’s not possible to ever win if you do not “suit up” for the race. You can help your ADDYTeen redefine what winning really means in life – what it means to be brave and courageous.


Help your ADDYTeen suit up for life’s challenges and show courage by racing knowing others may come in first. We all run our own race. Help your ADDYTeen understand that winning means doing their personal best and they have to take ownership in setting their bar high so they can get big wins.


I am running my own race, none of my friends have published a guide of any type, let alone one already read by thousands worldwide.  I just published a book – Winning with ADHD – with a noted Neurologist.   The forward to my book is written by a Stephen Hinshaw – a world famous scientist.  I was the convocation speaker at my graduation from the University of Puget Sound.


My friends were not invited to speak, write or blog as I have been.   They may have scored higher on the SAT, but that in only one measure of success.


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