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If you are with the press or media, you are in the right place!  Are you interested in writing or reporting about ADHD and the experiences ADDYTeens consider “normal”?  GREAT!


Our friend, Danny Kraus, is doing pro-bono PR work for us to spread the word about Grace Friedman’s work on and her books ‘Embracing Your ADHD‘ or ‘Winning with ADHD’.


He is ready to help you get your story out and answer questions about our work here at ADDYTeen. Feel free to reach out!

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Want to Interview Grace Friedman?


In the News!

Grace has been fortunate to be featured in the press and on TV.
Take a look at these great links:

Publication Topic / Title Use this Link
ADDitude MagazineI Want to Shine a Light on ADHD
KTVU NewsTeens: How to Thrive Despite ADHD
San Jose Mercury NewsTeens: How to Thrive Despite ADHD
Attention MagazineHow to Embrace Your ADHD: A Teen's Perspective
HuffPostThe Formula: What Kids with ADHD need to Thrive
HuffPostPeer Mentoring — Strengthening The ADHD Community
HuffPostHelping Parents of Kids with ADHD
HuffPostThriving With ADHD: 5 Success Tips for Freshman With ADHD
HuffPostSummer Strategies for Students With ADHD
HuffPostThe 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Teens With ADHD
HuffPostThriving With ADHD: My University Orientation
HuffPostEmbracing My ADHD: A Teen’s Perspective
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