Winning with ADHD

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“Grace addresses the crucial issue of accepting the diagnosis before diving into self-care and self-management, home-related issues, school problems and coping strategies, peer struggles, and treatment-related facts and strategies, particularly surrounding ADHD medications.


The prose is engaging, and the strategies are rooted in understandable steps. I can say that I have never witnessed a more relatable book on the topic than Winning with ADHD.  Among the many wonderful features of this work, one of the most telling is that Grace is fully cognizant of the difficulties in core life domains incurred by ADHD. At the same time, she is completely convinced that many of the attributes exhibited by those with the condition can be advantageous, so long as major coping strategies are engaged.


All too rare, in my experience, are books that come from the heart, blending core experiences with evidence-based practices as they speak directly to teens and young adults with conditions like ADHD. I believe that no one can emerge from reading this book without understanding the essential humanity of everyone dealing with ADHD. Winning with ADHD is a needed, life-enhancing, eminently readable and relatable work. Its common-sense nature belies its depth and humanity. “


Dr. Stephen Hinshaw

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“Winning with ADHD”