Take Action

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Take Action

We explored the idea of Controlling the Controllables, and one of the things we can control is our actions.    


You will need to “Take Action” to manage your ADHD. The first step is YOU deciding to do something.


Deciding is the first step: Taking Action means you stop worrying and start doing! It’s easiest to Take Action if you have specific steps to follow. We are here to help! We will be prompting you to Take Action so you can take control over your life!


How to Take Action


  • Write down what YOU want to achieve. Envision yourself achieving it. 
  • If it sounds scary or unreachable, make a set of smaller goals.
  • Put what you wrote down in a prominent place where you will see it.
  • Post your goal or lists on your mirror, or on the refrigerator, or on your door. 


  • Focus on your goals and to help yourself stay on track!