Controlling the Controllables – Part 1

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Controlling the Controllables – Part 1

When you face challenging situations there are many things happening all at once. For example, preparing for a big test, or taking the SAT, or getting ready to perform in theater, or at a music recital. To be successful, you first have to learn how to face and tackle challenges. Everyone does. For ADDYTeen, facing challenges requires extra work. That is the point of the story about the backpack, life with ADHD takes extra work. Fair? Heck no.


So, here is how you get started and here is how I got started. You learn to control the controllables. I’m guessing you are wondering “Uhhh…What is a controllable? “


First think about what is not a controllable. What can’t you control? We cannot control every detail, event, or action in our lives. We don’t control what others do, we don’t control traffic or the weather, we can only control our attitude and our actions.


Read that again, you can only control your attitude and your actions. Ta da!  Read on!