Controlling the Controllables – Part 3

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Controlling the Controllables – Part 3

Control the Controllables – What does this mean to you ?


Focus only on what you control.

  • Your attitude – will you be positive or negative?
  • Your actions – will you be productive or ineffectual?
  • Your time – will you use it wisely or waste it?
  • Your emotions – will you manage them or let them manage you?

What you cannot control, you must learn to let go of.  Let. It. Go.

Many people with ADHD become anxious because they are trying to control too much.


Step by step, I control what I can, when I can, to the best of my abilities. Slowing things down, thinking about the next step, and controlling what comes to you is called process.


The PLAYS in this book are processes. Learn them! Practice them! Repeat them until they become natural:


Like riding a bike. Like shooting a basket. Like dribbling a soccer ball. Like playing catch.


Like feeling like a winner.