You Can’t Win If You Don’t “Suit Up”

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You Can’t Win If You Don’t “Suit Up”

My dad always told me, “You can’t win if you don’t suit up”.


And you know what? He is totally right.


In order to win in life, and manage your ADHD to the best of your abilities, you are going to need to adapt to your ADHD, not the other way around.


You need to be actively in the game, too. Not just suit up to play. You need to be involved and invested in whatever you are doing. This includes managing your ADHD.


So how could I learn to manage it? I wanted to win, so I had to suit up, get to work managing my ADHD, practicing, learning, working hard at it.  I applied Grit. 


Look up Grit in the dictionary, its says: “courage and resolve; strength of character.”


Yup! That’s it, you have to show grit in life to win.  Real Talk! 


Same for you, to win, you have to start the race, so you need to suit up too. Easy to say, but hard for many ADDYTeens. We are here to help you get out of the hole, like I shared in my story.