What the heck is ADHD anyway? (Part 1)

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What the heck is ADHD anyway? (Part 1)

OK. You have just heard that you have ADHD. Hearing that you are diagnosed with something can create different emotions. However you feel is okay. But one thing is for sure- if you can understand your ADHD, that will help you manage it.


First, lets start with the big picture: ADHD is medical condition that affects “how you think”?   Yo! Don’t panic.  Those of you who wear glasses know that you have a medical condition that affects “how you see”.   ADHD does not mean you are dumb, or that you cant learn, or that you wont be really successful.  Heck No!  It just means you think differently.


What does it mean to think in an ADHD way?  Well, to understand that you first have to understand what it means to think in a focused way.

  • When you think in a focused way, your brain sees one thing as more important than others.
  • When you think in an ADHD way, in unfocused way, there is not just one thought in your head that stands out.
  • With ADHD, your brain “sees” a lot of different thoughts at once. So your brain skips from one thing to the other.


Thinking in an ADHD way can be helpful too! Thinking about multiple ideas at once can help you connect your thoughts together and see the bigger picture.


But with ADHD, focus is less automatic than it should be. ADHD doesn’t mean you can’t focus, but it does mean that it may take something to be more naturally interesting to you to focus easily.  There is more, keep reading!