Learning to Manage Your Stuff

How do you manage your work area,
backpack, homework, etc?

Sure, getting organized is a pain! But it’s WAY better than the stress of being disorganized!

When you are disorganized…

>You spend time looking for things.

>You lose things

>You forget those things you need

>You are not prepared for tests

>You are not prepared in class

Getting organized is not expensive, and it is not difficult, you just need to DO IT! 

Managing Your Stuff


Could you imagine forgetting a huge school project on the day it’s due, leaving your field trip ticket on the dining table, or forgetting to bring your lunch to school? I can. I’ve done it many times.


Why is being disorganized a problem? Stress, people. Stress! You remember it, right? Crying, complaining you have no free time, that your homework takes too long, that you can't do your chores. Get Organized! 


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