ADDYTeens Need to Slow Down

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ADDYTeens Need to Slow Down

Parents, let me share some insider information:  ADDYTeens may say they have no time, but really we often have no concept of time. 


As an ADDYTeen, I can tell you first hand that we tend to sprint past the menial tasks of organizing, reading instructions, checking our homework answers or getting prepared for the next day at school.  ADDYTeens – myself included – are often in a rush to “just do things.”


We subsequently tend to make bigger messes and lose more stuff, and as a consequence we miss the “easy credit points” of school. We may do all the work, but then lose it, and when we don’t turn it in, we don’t get credit.


You know the frustration, but what do you do about it?  Start small, by helping your ADDYTeen just organize their backpack.  We have a great post here that guides them through it, have them read it, and then try it together a few times, until it becomes second nature. 

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