ADDYTeens and Video Games

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ADDYTeens and Video Games

Parents, most teens like video games, but you may need to apply some “tough love” to your ADDYTeen if they are gaming too often.   Dr. Sarah and I discussed this topic quite a bit when we were writing Winning with ADHD, and she told me many (anonymized) stories of her patients spending hours on games, not knowing how much time time had gone by, and even forgetting to eat or drink during that time.

We ADDYTeens need to take care of our bodies, to eat healthy, get rest and regular exercise.  When you are hearing from your ADDYTeen that gaming helps them “relax and have fun” – you may need to push back. 

One ADDYTeen we described in our book spent 5 hours per day during the week, and and close to 8 on each weekend day – that is 41 hours per week, 177 hours per month, and 2,132 hours per year!

Consider some compromises, such as gaming only on weekends without harassment by you.  In exchange, have your ADDYTeen turn his break from study into physical activities.  That will help them focus, feel healthy, sleep well, and perform at their best in school.

Tell them, Grace said so! I know how these things work, I’ve been there and made every excuse in the world.  Its for the best, even if its not immediately obvious to your ADDYTeen.  Straight talk.