ADHD Runs in Families

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ADHD Runs in Families

There are somethings known about the biology of ADHD – but not that much. We know that ADHD tends to run in families—in other words that there is a genetic component.


Genes are very small sized, but incredibly important parts of our body that are transferred from a parent to their children and determines some characteristic of the child. When we talk about those characteristics – we call them genetic. For example, the color of our eyes, hair and skin is genetic characteristics. Some diseases are also genetic, too, which means that family members have an increased chance go getting them. ADHD runs in families too.


Parents, that means you, your grandparents, parents, uncles or aunts or cousins may also have ADHD – even if they do not know it or have a diagnosis.  You may want to explore this as you work with your ADDYTeen to help them achieve at their personal best. 

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