Reducing Stress for your ADDYTeen

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Reducing Stress for your ADDYTeen

Parents, ADDYTeens often tell us how stressed out they are. It’s probably the biggest issue emotionally they face.


Unfortunately the stress can lead to significant depression and anxiety. This hits both ADDYTeen boys and girls. Like many teens they are juggling tough classes which could be considered a full time job in itself.


Add in sport team commitments, robotics team commitments, or similar- we’re looking at an extra 15 hours per week at least. Downtime? That’s hard to squeeze in.


Parents, you can help fix this problem! First, help your ADDYTeen work on procrastination.  When we ADDYTeens use our time wisely, we gain a sense of control and confidence.  We have a lot of coaching material here about managing time and getting organized.


Your ADDYTeen may hate this idea – but using our time wisely and being organized means less stress not more.  Believe it or not – managing your ADHD greatly reduces stress. We will show you how.