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Winning with ADHD 

From the Forward
by Dr. Stephen Hinshaw

“Imagine an energetic,optimistic, yet realistic young woman with a history of ADHD,who tells fundamental truths about her life and the condition with which she copes, while offering some of the most sound and authentic tips and coaching points one could imagine. That’s what Grace Friedman has done in Winning with ADHD, with able mentoring provided by Dr. Sarah Cheyette.


“To call this work refreshing is an understatement, though it is indeed a welcome break from many of the “one size fits all” self-help workbooks found in bookstores and libraries, and online. Even more, the book is practical, candid, wise (it’s hard to believe that Grace is only recently a college graduate), authoritative without being preachy, appropriately humorous when needed, and—over and above all these attributes—deep.” 

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