Winning with ADHD Takes Grit

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Winning with ADHD Takes Grit

Look up Grit in the dictionary, its says: “courage and resolve; strength of character.”  In my post You Can’t Win If You Don’t “Suit Up”  I pointed out you have to show grit in life to win. 


That’s Real Talk People! 


So, what exactly do I mean when I say you need grit to succeed with and manage your ADHD?


Let me make this simple:  


Life is tough, you need to get used this that.  Life is not fair, many people in the world suffer and that sucks, but its true.


ADDYTeens don’t choose to have ADHD, but we do.  So, that means we need to work harder to achieve our goals.


To have grit means you have passion and perseverance to achieve your goals.  Once you set your goals, you need to follow through.  Don’t use ADHD as an excuse to fail, use it as a motivation to win. 


Show grit in school, just like you do on the playing field, when you want to win.  Show grit with your friends, when they don’t understand what your ADHD is like, send this to this website, or tell them how things are.   


Be your best self, help yourself, do your best, always.  You will be surprised (and ecstatic) with the results.